Tell me about it


We’re busy. We’re working, we’re food shopping,
we’re exercising, we’re saving money, we’re socialising,
(while cancelling tomorrow’s plans).


What is it?

We think a 45 minute manicure is prime time
to chill out, but that’s not the reality.
Fingertips coated in wet polish, we still find a way
to scroll emails, or check the group chat.
So, we’re on a mission to change that habit,
one manicure at a time.
Giving you the silent treatment, literally.

Life’s a lot and embracing ‘mindfulness’
might just sound like an extra thing
for the to-do list.

That’s why we’ve launched Mindful Mani;
a self-care campaign with one real focus
– giving you a time out.


What is mindfulness?
5 points of what you can do

We asked an expert what it really is –
we know a lot about manicures,
but Suzy Reading - self-care psychologist
and health coach - knows everything
about mindfulness.


Rather than flipping back to the past or
worrying about the future, mindfulness
anchors us in the ‘now’.
Here are five easy methods you can try
to be more mindful:  

Plug in while you chill out. Read a blog post,
listen to a podcast, try some mellow music.
We’ve added all of that below,
so all you need to do is pick something.


Podcasts require one thing
only = listening. You can
even shut your eyes if you
want, it’s not rude.
Someone hit play. 


Tunes? Sure thing.
Whether you want

lighter-in-the-wind vibes
or ‘show me the treadmill’,
you’ll find it in here.  


Endless procrastination
in here. Check this stuff out
pre-manicure, it might
influence your choice of nail
colour *hint hint*. 

You’re desperate
to try a mindful manicure,
we can sense it.
Find salons near you
giving out
the silent treatment.